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Everything from a single source -
from concept to series production readiness

We are happy to provide you with holistic advice on your planned projects, regardless of whether they involve individual production or entire series production. Starting with intensive consultations and concept development, through sample selection of designs, to prototype production and the final implementation in small or large series.

Consulting and conception
Development and design
Manufacturing prototype
Consulting / Concept
Development / Design
Manufacturing prototype
Manufacturing (small) series


We develop for individual vehicle prototypes as well as for exclusive small series:

  • Laminating concepts
  • Sewing clothes
  • Sewing technique with airbag
  • Seat covers
  • Material combinations


Exclusively at our site in Weng, we process high-quality materials such as leather and manufacture for the premium sector:

  • Individual and small batch production
  • Vehicle Upgrades & Conversions
  • Making sewing clothes and seat covers
  • Cutter cuts for prototypes and series
  • Laminating of prototypes, sample parts and small series
  • Patterns and unique pieces
  • Prototypes according to CAD data


Whether quilting, embroidery, perforated fields or all in one, we realize your design wishes on all components. Even individual seams, positive or negative embossing are no problem for us. We always work according to the motto "everything is possible".

3D embossing
Individual seams
3D embossing
Embroidery & Perforation
Embroidery & Perforation
3D Embroidery & Perforation
3D Embroidery & Perforation
3D Embroidery & Perforation
3D Embroidery & Perforation
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For the realization of all development and engineering processes in the area of interiors, we not only have many years of know-how at our disposal, but also state-of-the-art equipment. This applies to both technical services and manufacturing.

Our uniquely finished vehicles are created in modern machinery that we are constantly expanding to ensure our products meet the highest standards. Our production facilities can be quickly retooled, allowing us to produce small batches for limited upholstery. Each element produced and assembled goes through a thorough inspection process. This way we can be sure that every product leaving the company site is characterized by the highest quality.

For our technical services and manufacturing, we use the following state-of-the-art equipment, among others:

  • Leather hide scanning system for the detection of natural features and leather zones
  • Precision inlay cutter for leather with nesting program, imitation leather and fabric
  • Leather processing equipment, splitting machine, warping machine, embossing press.
  • Various sewing machines including airbag sewing machine with documentation software
  • Adhesive spraying system
  • Membrane laminating plant for pilot plant purposes
  • Various one-hand presses and saddlery workstations
  • Sewing automat with single-head embroidery and punch function (3D quilting)
Sorting CAD cut blanks
Quality controlled sewing garments with QS stamp and QR code for traceability.
Preparation of carrier parts for laminating process (Coronern method)
Membrane laminating system for safe and stable series processes for activating leathered components
3D modeling of components
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Support series start-up phase

Last but not least, the smooth implementation of the laminating concepts and design work is ensured by our active support during the relocation and installation of technical equipment as well as our expert assistance in the mold concept phase. Basically, our support extends to the series start-up phase and also includes the production of prototypes and small series.